General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

der Ehbauer München GmbH & Co.KG, Geschäftsführer: Christian Ehbauer

Date: January 2012 

1. Our offers are subject to confirmation and without obligation. Errors excepted, subject to prior sale, interim letting excepted. The object-related specifications are based on the information provided by the vendor and/or landlord.

2. At the point of conclusion of the contract the amounts specified in the respective quotes as brokerage fee shall be due and payable.

3. If the object presented by us is already known to the recipient, the prospect buyer  shall be obliged to immediately inform us hereof, at the latest within 5 days specifying the source of information.

4. Our notices and documents are confidential information and as such therefore only intended for the recipient personally. It is not permitted to forward such information to any third party. The recipient is obliged to pay the full broker’s commission, if the third party to whom he has forwarded the broker’s information winds up the transaction himself/herself. The commission shall be deemed to be due and payable at the point of conclusion of the agreement possibly resulting from forwarding such information. If, on the grounds of forwarding information, a main agreement with one family member, an associated company or a corporation in which the client holds a share becomes binding, the client shall be furthermore obliged to pay the commission.

5. We shall be authorised – also subject to commission – to become additionally active for the other contract party without restrictions.

6. Ehbauer München, Christian Ehbauer shall not warrant for the credit-worthiness of the mediating brokered contract party.

7. In the event of invalidity of any individual terms stipulated in these General Terms and Conditions, this shall not affect the validity of the other terms.

8. Place of fulfilment and, in so far as the recipient is a registered trader, place of venue shall be Munich. German laws shall be applicable with regard to the contractual relationship.