Our passion are the premium real-estate objects at absolute top locations in Munich and around Munich’s lakes. We have specialized in selling such gems. That is why the entry level price for real-estate properties sold by our company starts of at 5 million Euros.

Our passion is to select the best real-estate properties on the market on behalf of our clients. In this respect we mean unique objects without ifs and buts with regard to location and settings. This concept gives us the possibility and necessary leeway to devote our engagement to ensuring the best possible placement of your unique property, as real-estate objects in this price category and value are always absolutely unique.

Discretion is an honour and an inherent and essential basis of our contract. In particular for that reason our clients, comprising directors, entrepreneurs, wealthy private persons and celebrities from television and sports appreciate our absolute discretion.

The preliminary stage starts off with feeling and experience. Prospect clients as well as the property for sale are handled with competence, discretion and secrecy and all parameters are verified and analysed in the preliminary stage.

As each of our objects is a very special object, exclusive marketing tools are produced by professional advertising experts and are handpicked before being presented to the target group. Your privacy is protected at all times and is treated as top priority by Christian Ehbauer and his team.